Our Story - My World, Fully Charged

The Spark of Inspiration

Welcome to MyFastChargers, where our journey began with a simple realisation: charging devices should be easy, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you're exploring remote landscapes or navigating the busy streets of your home city, staying connected is crucial. Our founder, Drew, an avid traveler and tech enthusiast, noticed how difficult it was to keep devices charged on the go. From this challenge, MyFastChargers was born – a beacon of innovation in the world of charging technology.

3 in 1 charger on sink charging phone in bathroom

Our Product Range: Charging Made Simple

We have crafted a range of wireless chargers, each embodying ease and efficiency. Products like the TravelCharge Mini, a slim, powerful power bank, and the TrioCharge series, with its elegant Metal and fabric-woven Woven variants, showcase our commitment to convenience. The FastCharge Adapter and Clock are designed for the modern lifestyle, ensuring your devices are always ready to go. These innovations are not just gadgets; they're your companions in a connected world.


Commitment to the Environment: Our Green Pledge

Our mission extends beyond products. In collaboration with Shopify Planet and Greenspark, we're dedicated to positive environmental change. Every purchase contributes to carbon-neutral shipping and complementary tree planting, directly combating climate change. We're proud of our Australian heritage and are committed to a global vision for a sustainable future.


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Customer First: Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

Ensuring your satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, we offer swift and efficient shipping across Australia, with complimentary delivery for orders over $150. Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee reflects our commitment to your happiness. With round-the-clock support, we're always here to assist.

Join Us: Powering a Sustainable Tomorrow

With your support, we're not just providing charging solutions; we're contributing to a greener planet. Explore our products and join us in this vital mission.

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